Super easy hot dog on a stick, a childhood favorite

hot dog on a stick

Super easy hot dog on a stick. These are simply sausages on sticks, covered with pancake batter, and deep-fried.

One funny detail: If you look for a “hot dog” in Korea, you will get this (corn dog). I’m not even sure if I ever had a real hot dog (the grilled sausage in a bun kind) until I moved to the States.

This corn dog, or hot dog, is one of my childhood favorites. I wanted to make some for Munchkin, even though it’s not the healthiest choice ever. I did try to make it healthier than the version I grew up with.


I swapped the canned Vienna sausages to Applegate organic beef hot dogs. The taste was on point, comparable to Vienna sausages, but they were a bit long, so I cut them into halves.


Insert a stick into each sausage. I found those sticks at Michaels.


For a super easy batter, I used a gluten-free pancake mix by Bob’s Red Mill and followed the package direction.


I didn’t want to waste too much oil so I only filled up a sauce-pan to an amount that would cover half of a hot dog, lying flat. When the oil is hot, tip the sauce-pan to collect the oil to one side. Hold a hot dog stick with a thong, and dip the hot dog into the oil without touching the pan. The batter will puff up and cook a bit in seconds. Make sure to dip the whole dog in the oil a few seconds before touching the pan to prevent sticking. Then you can just dunk the hotdog in the oil and roll it around to cook until golden brown.

Now, look at this happy face.

munchkin eating hot dog

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