School Snack For My Kids: French Toast Sticks

French toast sticks and grapes in a snack box.

These Gingerbread French Toast Sticks are easy to batch cook (I bake them all at once!) and freeze for days of school snacks. I was hoping for them to last for a whole week, but my kids are going through them so fast that they are gone in a few days. These French toast sticks are already flavorful so you can skip the syrup on top. (No need to pack and wash those little containers for syrup.)

For the full recipe of the Gingerbread French toast, click here.

French toast sticks in a freezer bag.

To freeze, cool down the French toasts on a wire rack. I like to cut each toast into four sticks. Freeze in a single layer for 1~2 hours until solid, then move to an air-tight container. I used Zwilling Fresh and Save vacuum sealer to prevent freezer burn.

To reheat, air fry at 350°F for about 3 minutes. You can also bake in a single layer in a 375°F oven or air-fryer for 5~10 minutes until warm. Alternatively, microwave at 30 seconds intervals until hot.

In the snack box

French toast sticks
I loosely wrapped the toasts with parchment paper to keep them from getting soggy.

The bunny snackbox is from We Might Be Tiny.

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