School Lunch For My Kids: Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs

my kids lunch jars packed with teriyaki chicken meatballs, rice, strawberries, and cucumber

We’ve tried out a new lunch menu today. These teriyaki chicken meatballs were leftovers from dinner a few days ago. At that time, I froze the meatballs (without the sauce) and refrigerated the leftover sauce. Because the sauce had a bit of sugar, I figured it wouldn’t spoil in the fridge for a while. However, if you are storing it for over two weeks, I also recommend freezing the sauce.

Munchkin said she enjoyed the lunch but complained that eating it took a long time. She asked for a sandwich so she could finish her lunch fast and play. The funny thing is when I packed her a sandwich yesterday, she complained how hungry she was. Go figure. 

In The Lunchbox


When I cook rice, I freeze the leftovers in single-serving portions. In the morning, I simply microwave one container of rice for 3 minutes.

Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs

Click here for the full recipe. While the meatballs were warming up in the microwave, I warmed up the leftover sauce in a pan. Then I added the meatballs to the sauce and cooked them for 1~2 minutes.


Cucumber Slices

The lunch box I used here is Zojirushi Ms. Bento Lunch Jar.

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