School lunch for my kids: Hamburger Cutlet

hamburger cutlet in a bento box

My youngest is starting preschool today; this was her first lunch this school year. (Watch the video.) I packed this lunch with an ice pack, and the hamburger cutlet was meant to be eaten cold. Even when Sweet Pea eats at home, she eats after the food is cooled down, so I figured she wouldn’t mind the cold cutlet. We will see!

Update: Sweet Pea had a great day today, and she ate most of her lunch including the cold hamburger cutlet.

In the lunchbox

Hamburger cutlet
Here’s the full recipe. I refrigerated some panko-coated patties yesterday while making dinner. This morning, I air-fried one cutlet, which took about 15 minutes. (I also air-fried some for my eldest at lunch, who’s still on summer vacation. Air-fryer made these cutlets crispier and juicier than baking, but I can only fit about four at once.)

Ketchup in a squeeze bottle

A few slices of sweet peppers
Sweet Pea doesn’t like sweet pepper yet, but I plan to include a few pieces in her lunch until she gets used to it- and try it.

Mini cucumbers
cucumbers are one of my kids’ favorite veggies. I love the “cocktail cucumbers” from Costco.

Mini beetroot muffin
Here’s the full recipe. Although my daughter enjoyed the cutlets yesterday, lunches outside the home could be tricky. So I included a mini muffin in her lunch so she doesn’t starve.

Sweet Pea loves fruits. I used to joke that she’s a fruitarian. She’s almost four years old, and I started giving her whole grapes at home, but since it’s outside, I cut them in half to be safe.

hamburger cutlet in a bento box

This lunchbox is from Zoku. Use code whiteblankspace for 10% off Zoku products.

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