School Lunch for my kids: chicken wrap

chicken wrap in lunchbox

I reused last night’s dinner for this lunch today. Last night, we had rose harissa chicken, Caesar salad, and rice. Sweet Pea and I both love chicken skin, so we ate all the flavorful skin yesterday and refrigerated leftover chicken meat. That leftover went into the wrap today.

In The Lunchbox

Chicken wrap

Whenever I use leftover meat for lunch packing, I make sure to microwave it until piping hot to kill off any bacteria that might have grown. Once the chicken cooled down a bit I shredded the meat. Lightly cooked a flour tortilla on a dry pan so it’s still soft and rollable. I used leftover Caesar dressing as a sauce. Watch this video to see how I rolled it.


I used it as a divider, but Sweet Pea showed me an empty lunchbox saying she ate all of her lunch… so I guess she ate it?

A few slices of sweet peppers

Sweet Pea asked for only two slices of peppers in the morning. She’s particular about how many pieces she gets. I also packed one vitamin gummy bear as requested.

Mini beetroot muffin

Here’s the full recipe. I included a mini muffin in her lunch just in case she doesn’t eat the wrap.

Mini cucumbers


This lunchbox is Yumbox Panino. I love the compact size, perfect for my preschooler. The only drawback is. you’re not supposed to put the outer shell in the dishwasher, although I have done it a few times. I think I warped it a tiny bit by doing it, but it’s still working.

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