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The idea for this book came up when I read a little line on my kiddo’s Kindergarten orientation letter.
“Bring a healthy snackbox.”

A little bit of a backstory. I’ve shared many lunch boxes I prepared for my kids on Instagram ( over the past few years, and I love to cook. But now I need to pack a snackbox too? I wasn’t expecting that since the class was dismissed before lunch time.

So I went to work, putting together ideas for quick and easy snackboxes that can be packed in 10 minutes or less. I researched and test-tasted a lot of convenient food and used many shortcuts while preparing the snackboxes you see in this book. I’m hoping that the ideas you see here are easy enough to achieve for most busy parents in our fast-paced society.

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Links for the products you see on this book:

*All product recommendations are based on my own opinion, and none of the links here are sponsored. Some of the links are affiliate links that may help me earn a small fee.

Great for protein boost

Flock, Chicken Skin Chips : You’re either going to love it or hate it. I’d say try it out before buying in bulk. My youngest and I happen to love it.

Snackbox Gears

We Might Be Tiny, Bear Snackie

Simple Modern, Disney Water Bottle for Kids 10 oz

Ice Pack for Lunch Box

PlanetBox, Insulated Lunch Bag

PlanetBox, Rover Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box + Bag

Innobaby, FlexnLock Silicone Tray Lunch Box – Use code WhiteBlankSpace for 15% off

Lunchbots, Medium Duo Stainless Steel Snack Container

Lunchbots, Medium Uno Stainless Steel Sandwich Container

PlanetBox, Puzzle Pods

PlanetBox, Rover Little Square Dipper

PlanetBox, Big Square Dipper

Gel-Cool Bento Box – with built-in Icepack

OmieBox – has thermos in one compartment

We Might Be Tiny, Bunny Snackie


Costco, Kirkland Signature Chunky Guacamole

Good Foods, Chunky Guacamole – Single Serve

Good Foods, Avocado Mash

Costco, Kirkland Signature Organic Hummus


Chips and Crackers

Triscuit, Thin Crips – 100% whole grain wheat, only 3 ingredients

Wasa, Light Rye Crispbread – 100% whole grain rye flour, only 2 ingredients

Back to Nature, Whole Lotta Seeds Crackers – high in protein

Bare, Baked Crunchy Banana Chips

Bare, Baked Crunchy Apple Chips

deli meat

Applegate, Organic Roasted Turkey Breast

Applegate, Uncured Turkey Pepperoni


Stonyfield, Organic Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches

Siggi’s, Low-fat Kids Pouches

Waffles and Pancakes

Annie’s, Organic Frozen Waffle Homestyle – seriously delicious

Nature’s Path, Chia Plus Waffles  – gluten free

Van’s, Original Waffles Protein – high protein content

Earth’s Best, Organic Frozen Mini Pancakes

Mac n Cheese

Annie’s, boxed Mac and Cheese


Garden Lite, Veggies Made Great – has hidden veggies in them

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