Lunches For Kids… And You

32 Quick, simple, and delicious lunchbox ideas for school, home, and work.



Hi, I’m Heejee.

You might already know me through []. I’ve been making lunches and sharing them on my Instagram page since my eldest was 18 months old. Through spending a whole lot of time thinking about lunches, sharing, and getting feedback, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks. I also learned that quick and simple lunches are the best lunches. Although some days I managed to make elaborate ones, my brain was too fried most days, and I resorted to my go-to lunch item, ham and cheese sandwich.

⭐️ Quick, simple, and delicious lunches with minimal ingredients.

This book is for those days when you have no energy or time to think of what to pack for lunch- filled with lunch boxes prepared in less than 15 minutes with minimal ingredients. Simple lunches that are tasty and easy to prepare on a busy morning.

⭐️ Get out of the lunch-packing rut with 32 lunch ideas accompanied by easy recipes and tips.

After a deep introspective look at all my past posts on Instagram, I identified which lunches worked well (for my daughter and me), refined the recipes, and recreated the 20 most successful lunches.
The book also includes 12 of my most popular lunchbox posts with details/recipes so that you have all of them at your disposal in one ebook.

Some of the reviews on my Instagram.

6 reviews for Lunches For Kids… And You

  1. Astghik

    If you don’t have this ebook, you must get it! It’s full of many great lunch ideas! In addition, not only are the recipes kid-friendly but they’re also great for the entire family which is a huge win and a time-saver for me.
    I love that this book offers a variety of nutritious recipes (32 different recipes to be exact) and they take less than 15 minutes to prepare!
    The book also includes many great tips like how to make fruits and vegetables fun, or how to quickly cook corn, or how to keep the apples from turning brown.
    Overall, I’m a huge fan of this book and I think you will be too!
    I would highly recommend it!

  2. Christianna

    I love this e-book! Lunch is the meal I struggle with the most in terms of ideas and thinking of things to prepare everyday; both at home and for packed lunches. This book has been so helpful, it includes lots of lunch inspiration for all the family that I can easily prepare. Some brilliant tips in there too! As a busy mum who wants to give my family tasty healthy lunches that are quick and easy to prepare, this book has been invaluable. My kids like scrolling through and seeing what lunches they’d like which has been so lovely because it helps them get involved in the process and makes sure they enjoy their lunches too. I cannot recommend it enough!
    Eat Happy Feel Good

  3. Camila hurst

    This book is absolutely gorgeous! Such beautiful photography! And the recipes are amazing, easy and make you go: how did I not think of this before?
    This ebook is a must-have if you are a busy parent and if you get stuck with ideas for quick lunches sometimes, specially if your kids are specific about what they want to eat, this ebook will be so helpful. My son is what most would call picky eater, I just call him selective lol, but this ebook is packed with fabulous ideas fit for kiddos like my Luke. The options are super healthy, and will please everyone! I can’t wait to make my way through the whole book! Heejee is fantastic and inspiring, her photos and lunchboxes make me motivated to pack nutritious school lunches for my son, and also serve them at home too!!!! You should 100% get this fabulous ebook!!!!

  4. Snezana Paucinac

    Such a good and handy ebook! I always need ideas for kids lunch es that are nutritious but also made in a way that kids will enjoy eating them. I love the creativity of the meals but at the same time nothing is complicated with only few ingredients. Love the pictures in the book to, so nice to visually see what the lunch will look like. Highly recommend it!

  5. Dashelyn Velazquez

    I cannot believe how many recipes there are in this ebook! There are so many ideas to switch meals in a whole month. My favorite part is how Heejee has each recipe laid out. There is a picture that shows you the amazing meal, a description, an there is also a section with tips or notes. Cannot wait for the next one!

  6. Barbara Lamperti

    We all know that meal planning is a winning strategy but reality is that it’s not always possible. Having a book like this one handy is such a life saver. So many healthy, creative and tasty recipes to choose from. Love the fact that they are not only kid friendly but also adult friendly. One recipe idea will feed the whole family. Easy to read, easy to search, a very functional tool to ease the lunch experience. A special mention also to the images. I love how every recipe has an image: beautiful, clean and detailed. Our favorite recipe so far is the creamed spinach&ham pinwheels.

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