Pool day lunch box: Tuna rice in tofu pouches

tuna rice in tofu pouches

As soon as the sun was up high, Munchkin and I headed to the pool. A clean pool 3 minutes from our place, sunny California weather, palm trees… This may sound like living the dream, but it’s kind of a task for me. Because I’m a type of person who lived next to a pool for nearly a decade but never actually went in one. Someone who would rather spend the morning cleaning the kitchen than going to the pool. (Ha, what’s wrong with me?) I feel like it’s too much of a hassle unless I’m on a vacation.

But… But…
My two-year-old is an energizer bunny, who is bursting with energy and curiosity. When confined at home, she would go through drawers after drawers to investigate what’s in them. So in hopes of draining her energy, we went to the pool with lunch packed in a cute blue lunch box.

Munchkin loved the water. And I felt so thankful for the pool.
Her uninhibited joy made me appreciate the pool too.

munchkin in the pool

Tofu Pouches

These tofu pouches are a common picnic food in Korea. I think it originally came from Japan, and it’s called Inari. I bought mine from a Korean market. It comes with sauce to season the rice, but I just used my own seasoning/mixture for the rice.

tofu pouches productThe rice mixture had 1 canned tuna, brown rice (twice the amount of tuna), and 2 tbsp mayo. I also seasoned it with a pinch of salt and pepper. Tofu pouches have a subtle acidic and sweet taste and balanced the tuna/mayo well.

Simply stuff the mixture into the pouches and they transform into nice finger food.

tofu pouches close up

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