Nori punches


Cat nori punch on tofu pouches
Cat nori punch on tofu pouches

If this photo made you smile big, you probably want to get some nori punches. They are fun, easy, and will brighten up your lunch. It’s hard not to smile while making those cutesy smiley faces.

rice balls made with nori punch (3) / panda sushi
rice balls made with nori punch (3) / panda sushi

I’ve played around with four different nori punches so far. (affiliate link below)
1. Cat Sushi Rice Mould
2.DIY Sushi Tool,Hmane 3Pcs Smile Face
3. Kai Chuboos Nori Punch
4.Yunko Rice Ball Mold and Seaweed Cutter Set, Baby Panda

(3) This green nifty nori punch is my favorite because it works like a charm every time. No torn nori pieces stuck in the cutter. Also, I like that it cuts various shapes so I can mix and match. The only downside is that the cuts are pretty small. (Btwn, I use a tweezer to pick up the pieces.)

Size-wise, I think (2) smiley faces are perfect. However, I need to punch at least three times to get all the shapes cleanly cut. It’s a little frustrating, esp. in the morning.

Cat and Panda sushi molds fall in between regarding their difficulty to use. You want to get the nori pieces all cut before molding the rice. If you shape the rice first and then struggle to get all the clean cuts, rice may slightly dry out causing the nori to slip off. (Side note: use short grain starchy rice and wet your hands before molding the rice balls. Wet hands will prevent rice from sticking all over your hands.) Personally, I found making a couple pandas relatively easy; but I must stop at two. That’s where my patience runs out. But aren’t they adorable? I can’t stop staring at them.

Happy lunch!

Read more about tofu pouches here.


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