Lunches for kids…and you

32 Quick, simple, and delicious lunchbox ideas for school, home, and work.


Hi, I’m Heejee.

You might already know me through []. I’ve been making lunches and sharing them on my Instagram page since my eldest was 18 months old. Through spending a whole lot of time thinking about lunches, sharing, and getting feedback, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks. I also learned that quick and simple lunches are the best lunches. Although some days I managed to make elaborate ones, my brain was too fried most days, and I resorted to my go-to lunch item, ham and cheese sandwich.

⭐️ Quick, simple, and delicious lunches with minimal ingredients.

This book is for those days when you have no energy or time to think of what to pack for lunch- filled with lunch boxes prepared in less than 15 minutes with minimal ingredients. Simple lunches that are tasty and easy to prepare on a busy morning.

⭐️ Get out of the lunch-packing rut with 32 lunch ideas accompanied by easy recipes and tips.

After a deep introspective look at all my past posts on Instagram, I identified which lunches worked well (for my daughter and me), refined the recipes, and recreated the 20 most successful lunches.
The book also includes 12 of my most popular lunchbox posts with details/recipes so that you have all of them at your disposal in one ebook.

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Only for a cup of latte! (That’s right, same as a *bucks latte.)


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