Korean-style rolled omelette shaped into a heart

This post is in paid collaboration with Nellie’s Free Range.

I’m so excited to bring you fun and yummy egg recipes in partnership with Nellie’s Free Range this year. We are starting with a fun meal idea for Valentine’s day: Heart-shaped Rolled Omelet. This recipe is inspired by Korean omelet called gyeran-mari. I added a bit of California flair with avocado and cheese. Traditionally, it is made with seaweed(nori) sheet or finely chopped veggies stirred into the egg mixture.

Have you tried Nellie’s Free Range Eggs? Nellie’s is committed to small-scale farming to support family farms across the country. Their eggs are Certified Humane Free Range, which means their hens have access to grassy outdoor pastures and plenty of room to roam. These hens produce eggs with stronger shells and beautiful golden yolks, which have a rich flavor that makes these heart-shaped omelets even more delicious.

Watch this short video below to get an idea of how to make the rolled omelet. It’s easier than it looks.

The written recipe (click) is on https://www.nelliesfreerange.com/

These omelets are great for a special Valentine’s day breakfast or in a bento box. Would you try them?

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