Hummus lunchbox and why I blog

As I was preparing contents for an Instagram takeover (on @omielifeinc), I started reflecting on the purpose of my IG account and this blog. I already knew what inspires me on an emotional level, but trying to explain it in a few sentences wasn’t so easy. But after writing down an intro to my takeover, I found some clarity. And I would like to expand on that in this post.

Hummus Lunchbox

But first, let me talk about what’s in this lunchbox so readers who aren’t interested in my ramblings can get to the point. 😝

Red bell pepper & eggplant hummus (click for recipe)
Carrot and cucumber sticks
Freeze-dried strawberries
Woven Wheat crackers

I try to mix up with food that munchkin loves and dislikes. Here, I know that she would love the hummus, freeze-dried strawberries, and crackers. Carrots fall into the “maybe” category and cucumbers are the “no-go” zone. This way she’ll get opportunities to try her disliked food while still eating a good meal.

Why I Blog

When I started making baby food for Munchkin, it was all about doing the right thing. Efficiently. I thought about the sequence of introducing food (although not sure if it mattered at all), how much nutrition she’s getting, and doing all that as fast as I can. Cause normal moms are busy. I got no time to be a Pinterest mom.

It was work. There was no fun in it. And I started feeling bored and tired.

Then I discovered Instagram. All the beautiful photos and creative food! I was immediately hooked. And as I started sharing my food photos, I started putting a little more care to the food I was cooking. I cared about how the food looks. I cared about what plates and bowls I’m using. And I tried new recipes, so I don’t post a repeat meal over and over again.

Two things inspire me at a deep level. One is the aesthetic pleasure. When I see something beautifully crafted (whether it’s buildings, products, or food), I feel alive. Perhaps it’s from all the design training I went through as an architect.

The other is the notion of “care.” There is something so luxurious about putting extra care into things. To me, it signals that I have the time and energy to do so. And that feeling is empowering. When I’m putting additional 15 minutes to style the food and take a photo, even if it’s more work, ironically, I feel more in control. Because I’m not rushing to get the bare minimum done. Because I can afford that extra care.

Preparing every meal like that is unrealistic. Striving to match a gourmet Michelin star restaurant is also unrealistic. My goal isn’t perfection. It’s putting in that little extra that makes me feel inspired. And I hope my photos convey that feeling, so if someone like me, who likes pretty things, happens to stumble on my photo, it’ll brighten up their mood just a tiny bit.

PS. You can buy this beautiful OmieBox Bento Lunch Box (top photo) from this link. It’s actually the very first bento box I bought for munchkin because of the thermos and the gorgeous sunshine color. I mainly use the thermos to keep cold items safe when we are out and about for a while. Munchkin still eats warm food at room temperature, so I haven’t tested very hot food in there. If you buy from that link, it won’t cost you a penny more, but I’ll get a small compensation. 😙

4 Responses

  1. What a nice reflection Hee Jee. Thank you for sharing. This is exactly how I feel about my IG and posting pictures. Some people might interpret social medial as a way to get attention for themselves, but for me this a way to express myself and also a nice way to organize my thoughts and ideas. Doing it for IG makes it fun and makes you put more effort and extra love in your cooking! Good job on your IG and beautiful page!

    1. Thank you so much, Daniela, for stopping by! It’s funny how putting in a little more care makes the whole process more enjoyable. I also believe that we are entitled to share our creative work-small or big, good or bad. Btwn, you have a beautiful feed as well.

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