Homemade Beet Gummies

One day, while watching my coworker sip boba tea, I got an idea to create boba tea with gummy bears. The thought of cute little gummy bears floating in colorful liquid got me excited. Tho, I’m not a huge fan of sweet milk tea, so I decided to go with lemonade with gummy bears. Yes, they turned out adorable, but it also inadvertently helped to mask the beet taste. Munchkin is still learning to eat beets, and the gummy bears do have an earthy flavor by themselves. Let them sit in the lemonade for a bit, and they turn more citrusy while the juice turns sweeter.

So why beets? It’s not because I wanted so badly to introduce beets to munchkin. Hubs and I are in love with “roasted beet + cold pressed orange juice” blend.

We’ve been drinking this juice quite often, and I decided to make it into gummy bears. Roasted beet makes the juice thicker, and the gummies turned out pretty chewy. Last time when I only used orange juice, the gummies were too jelly-like and almost melted in room temperature. These gummies stayed solid in room temperature, though I would still keep them in the fridge. They also go bad, unlike the store-bought ones; it’s real food, you know.

If you never tried making homemade gummies, they might look impressive, but in reality, they are pretty easy to make. The hardest and longest part is getting gummy molds and gelatin. Once you have the tools and ingredients, even a toddler can make it. Ok, not exactly, but munchkin can pretend to help. Watch how she did.

Video by whiteblankspace
Music: “Look Up!” by Aaron Sprinkle (Licensed thru Soundstripe)

I have two gummy molds. I love the teddy bear mold (medium) from “the modern gummy.” They are so cute, and the details come out cleaner because of the bigger size. You can check it out from my amazon affiliate link below.

The mold munchkin is using is from “my fruit shack.” I purchased them mostly for the trays. It’s a good idea to put a tray under the gummy mold unless you want to risk spilling the liquid while transferring to the fridge.

I used grass-fed beef gelatin from “vital protein.”

I used the droppers that came with my molds. They created a few air bubbles, but I liked the look of them. They gave a bit of texture to my photos. If you want a smooth, even surface, you can use a spouted measuring cup and pour the mixture into the molds.

So are you ready to make some gummies?

Beet Gummy Bears

Homemade gummy bears with roasted beet and orange juice

Author whiteblankspace


  • 1/4 Large roasted beet (or 1/2 small)
  • 1 cup cold pressed orange juice
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 4 tbsp beef gelatin


  1. In a mixer, blend roasted beet, orange juice, and honey until smooth.

  2. Add the above mixture into a saucepan. Warm it up over low heat, but do not boil. Add gelatin and whisk until well dissolved.

  3. Fill gummy molds with the mixture either using a dropper or a spouted measuring cup. Place the mold in the fridge for 1 hour till hardened.

  4. Carefully push the gummies out of the mold. Store in the refrigerator.

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