Get lost in beautiful nature, Fullerton Arboretum

The entrance to the Fullerton Arboretum is small and unassuming, but the inside is quiet, spacious, and magical. It feels like I’m wandering around a beautiful forest, far away from the city.

Since Munchkin came into my life, I started appreciating nature. Vibrant nature pulls me out of my mind and brings me into the moment. We started spending more time outdoors because of Munchkin’s active personality, but now it became something I look forward to as well.

A lot of times, little issues in my life blow up to an avalanche in my mind. Some worries can take a life of its own and grow at a rapid pace. Before I know it, the problem ate up my entire world.

Then an old tree and a giggle from Munchkin stop me from the downward slide I was riding. I realize that it’s not too bad after all. In fact, life is quite beautiful, just like it is.

Munchkin slid down the old tree at least ten times.

I packed a lunchbox and a bottle of water. (More water would have been better.) Once you are in the arboretum, there’s no place to buy food or drinks, so it’s good to prepare. I made rice wrapped in ham. I used (cooked) short-grain brown rice, wrapped it with ham, and cooked the wrap on a pan. Make sure to overlap the ham, so it gets “glued” together when cooked. I cut it in half and secured it with a toothpick afterward.

The two-year-old had a lot of fun sliding down a tree, chasing birds, going up and down a trail, spotting little animals, and touching flowers. It’s a big change from our last visit about 9 months ago when she mostly sat in her stroller. This time, she was as lively as the beautiful nature around her.


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