Fruity Tahini-Honey Bites

Munchkin loves tahini. Anything with tahini is a hit.

Tahini is a paste from sesame seeds. Although I come from a culture that uses sesame oil and sesame seeds on pretty much everything, I only learned about tahini a few months ago. Now it became a staple in my kitchen, and I go through a jar pretty much every two weeks. It’s creamy, doesn’t have a strong (sometimes obtrusive) flavor like nut butter, and it’s nut-free. Many schools require lunches to be nut-free and swapping nut butter for tahini works for most of the recipes.

For this afternoon snack, I mixed tahini with honey and a pinch of salt. [Tahini: honey=2:1 ratio] Spread it on a bite-size toast and top with sliced fruit.

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