Japanese-style Egg Sandwich

When we had our second child, one of the things I missed the most was my quiet morning time. Now that Sweet Pea is sleeping through the night and we’re settling back into a routine, I can enjoy a calm start of the day again.

Hubs work lunch (glass container: Wean Green)
egg sandwich

Lunch for rest of the fam at home
egg sandwich

Snackbox for Kindergarten (FLEXnLOCK Silicone Lunchbox, use code WhiteBlankSpace for 15% off)
cheese and jam English muffin sandwich

Ever since I made Japanese-style egg sandwiches at home, it’s been one of our favorite lunches- everyone in my family loves it. The biggest difference between the American egg sandwich and the Japanese one is in the mayo. You have to use Kewpie mayo, and if you’re a super healthy type, you might be surprised at what’s in this mayo: MSG.

I know MSG has been taboo in recent days, but I still remember my grandma keeping a container of MSG in the pantry. She used it for literally everything, just like salt. I read a study saying a small dose of MSG is safe to eat, and just like everything else, there is no taboo food in our house. We just try to eat in moderation.

To make this truly authentic, I should have used Japanese-style soft white bread. But I opted for 21 whole-grains Dave’s Killer Bread I picked up from Costco during the weekend. My kids eat whole grains bread with no complaints at the moment, so I didn’t want them to get used to the addictively pillowy and delicious Japanese bread. I cut off the crusts and froze them so that I can make croutons or French toast later.

It’s also essential to spread a generous amount of softened butter on the bread. Not only does it protect the bread from getting soggy, but it also adds a layer of yumminess. Since it’s a calorie-dense sandwich, I try to eat only one, although I could scoff down several of these sandwiches.

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Japanese-style Egg Sandwich

with a little modification to match our family's preference

Course lunch box
Cuisine Japanese
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 4 sandwiches
Author whiteblankspace


  • 6 hard-boiled eggs
  • 1/4 cup Kewpie mayo
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 8 slices sandwich bread
  • 3 tbsp softened butter


  1. Cut the eggs into quarters and place them in a bowl with mayo, milk, and salt. Mash until eggs are broken down into small pieces with a fork.
  2. Cut the crust off from bread slices if desired. Butter one side of a bread slice. Spread egg mixture on top. Butter another slice of bread and close the sandwich with the buttered side down.

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