My current obsession- roasted beet sammie

Taking a bite of this sandwich makes me so happy. There’s a lot of flavor and texture in this quick meal, and even better, it’s fresh and nourishing. It’s almost as easy as grabbing processed packaged food, esp. when I buy pre-roasted beets. To top it off, it’s visually stunning with vibrant colors. I would eat this every day, but big sandwiches aren’t very Munchkin-friendly. In a way, cooking for a toddler pushes me to experiment with new food instead of remaking my favorites over and over again.┬áFor munchkin, I mash up a roasted beet and mix it with cheese. Check out the recipe for beet cheese spread. It’s a bit of extra work as I usually share the same meal with Munchkin, but it’s worth it. Mama can enjoy her favorite sandwich.

Hearty Bread

I lightly toast a hearty bread. Pumpernickel is my go-to. The toast should be slightly firm but still chewy.

Creamy & Savory

Then I spread something creamy with a strong savory flavor that can balance the earthy taste of beets. I spread a layer of mayo and another layer of Miyoko’s classic double cream chive. (FYI-I have dairy intolerance)

Roasted Beet

The star of this sandwich. I lay them out as much as I can fit in.


Always a good idea to add some greens. I prefer either microgreens or sprouts.


A must. It adds sweetness and crunch that balances the savory spread in taste and soft beets in texture.

Wish I had…

Radish. Excellent way to add more crunch.

Now there it is. Savory, sweet, earthy, hearty, crunchy, soft, creamy, chewy… all in one bite. Bite after bite.


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