Hi There! I'm Heejee

White Blank Space is where I share kid-friendly family meal inspiration and recipes. As first-generation immigrants from Korea and Mexico living in California (with two Ko-Mexi-Rican kids,) my family likes to celebrate multi-cultures. 

White Blank Space reflects that aspect of us by drawing inspiration from various cuisines. I also focus on creating nourishing meals suited for growing children while keeping the recipes simple and straightforward for busy parents.

Brands I've Worked With

Lunches for Kids... And You

This book is for those days when you have no energy or time to think of what to pack for lunch- filled with lunch boxes prepared in less than 15 minutes with minimal ingredients. Simple lunches that are tasty and easy to prepare on a busy morning.
Only for a cup of latte! (That’s right, same as a *bucks latte.)

One recipe idea will feed the whole family. Easy to read, easy to search, a very functional tool to ease the lunch experience.​